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The Department of Student Welfare aims for the development and welfare of the University’s students and helps them enhance their skills and talent through various events. Various societies under DSW have organized numerous competitions and activities for both MRU and other colleges. With a motive to promote participation in various literary, cultural, artistic, etc events. DSW has always been there standing for/beside the students of Manav Rachna and will continue their efforts to encourage them.

The Studentsʼ Council of Department of Student Welfare (DSW) for Manav Rachna University is a committee/Non-profit Organization that works for the students welfare and co-curricular development.

DSW Societies

With the vision of providing opportunities and a platform for the students to showcase their outstanding talent, the student council is always there with the students of Manav Rachna. You are shining stars full of talent and here we are to encourage you.

Felicia (Art Society)

The art society of MRU is the major backbone of every event that takes place in our university. Felicia has never failed to impress us since the start with breath-taking backdrops, wall paintings, and eye-catching posters. The biggest achievement of the society was in Rendezvous 2019 held at IIITD where they secured 2nd position.

Rehnuma (Literary Society)

The literary society has done a commendable job both on and off the stage. ‘Rehnumaʼ is the reason we get insight into the Universityʼs event life. Rehnuma went to Mood Indigo’19 and showed its immense talent and always succeeded in giving the best of the opportunities to the linguistic crowd of our University.

Moksh (Music Society)

Moksh has given music lovers a platform to untap their hidden potential. It has always encouraged talented students in music. This has led to a jovial environment among the members and is attracting a huge crowd of the University.

Drishti (Media Society)

Without pictures, all the events are almost like they never happened. ‘Drishtiʼ of MRU has played the most vital role in the events, without a doubt. This group of talented students has captured a magnificent bunch of memories, digital posters, and aesthetic videos.

Khalbali (Drama Society)

‘Khalbaliʼ has the most versatile pool of talent. From heart touching to nerve-wracking delivery of dialogues, the students have made our University proud on every platform. They have shined in every event and touched the hearts of the audience with their purpose and talent.

Noora (Fashion Society)

Noora has been the most active and highest achiever of all societies. People have appreciated and fell in love with Noora's talent. One of the recent achievements was a huge win in RAWʼs Annual Cultural Festʼ20. Noora has never failed to impress the audience with its creative costumes, outstanding choreography, and supremely talented models.

Tech Soul (Tech Society)

From the latest gadgets to apps to technology, the tech society of MRU manages to cover it all. Our goal is to give students a chance to showcase their technical skills on various platforms, organizing events, and attending competitions.

Gamenics (Gaming Society)

Online gaming has reached an all-time high. Even the biggest organizations have started to pitch in and invest in the gaming world. Our society is something new and is getting better day by day. Start your gaming journey with us and enter into a world of thrill, adrenaline and adventure.

Rudra (Dance Society)

Move to the music, Born From A BomBox (B-FAB) these terms are nowhere to stay! Join Mridaksh one of NCR's leading dance teams on a journey of various events, competitions, performances and get an experience of a lifetime.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) society aspires to become a Centre of Excellence through a series of collaborations with NGOs and government agencies for CSR projects on thematic areas such as health, education, environment, and community development.

AthElites (Sports Society)

Every University is incomplete without its extremely talented athletes and players. Our sports team has achieved laurels in various sports activities in different colleges like BITS Pilani and represented Manav Rachna University throughout NCR. Apart from making the University proud on National Level, the society made sure to give opportunities to various other students of the University by organizing competitions within the university.

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We’ve created a strong organizational structure for implementation of MRLSP to ensure that this initiative is seriously conceptualized, driven AND effectively executed across the university.

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